As a firm, Atlantis Marcuard puts the client-advisor relationship at the heart of its strategy.

Atlantis Marcuard achieves this by combining cutting-edge Fintech techniques and secure private banking practices in the service of its clients.

Atlantis Marcuard Ltd is licensed by the FINMA, registered in Geneva as a wealth management company and regulated by AOOS.

Atlantis Marcuard Ltd is a member of the ASG.

Fintech wealth management

What we do

What we do Wealth Management

Our clients and their advisors can expect cost effective solutions, tried and tested while still resolutely modern, to even the most complex family financial needs. After a thorough analysis of a client’s individual circumstances and challenges, we provide financial planning, asset allocation, portfolio management, risk analysis and reporting.

Our mission

Our mission Wealth Management

Atlantis Marcuard has privileged access to information thanks to its vast network of contacts. Valuable intelligence is regularly communicated to our clients. This open source philosophy is made possible by our independence from the larger financial groups. This collaborative, open source philosophy is different from the conventional, one-size-fits-all services of other providers.

Your benefits

Your benefits, Wealth Management

Preserving and growing wealth for future generations demand judgement and clear thinking. The leaders and founders of our firm are highly experienced senior bankers with discretion and deep knowledge. They are committed to providing steady performance and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

How it works

How it works, Wealth Management

Clients can expect a unique new standard of service and reasoned, independent thinking in the management of their assets. Our pricing structure is transparent, eliminating the conflicts of interest inherent in other models. Lastly, our state-of-the-art technology ensures security and confidentiality.


We deliver a wide range of choices to maintain your financial freedom.


Your data is protected by the most stringent safety measures.


Our goal: to serve your interests and the interests of your family.

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